Love the action on these and how they rest on the bottom. Jerk ShadZ can be rigged weightless to achieve a slow, flutter presentation, or bottom bounced on a weighted hook or jighead. They are extremely popular in Australia, so he sends me some from time to time. A 1/8 should do the trick. My hands don’t work so well anymore, and the Owners are a lot tougher for me. When I try a new lure, I usually have it rigged up on an extra rod. Good Job Tony John. My account . QUICK VIEW. That is just my preference, but if you have difficulty changing lures or don’t want to bring an extra rod, I don’t see any issues with using the clips if it makes it easier for you. The ElaZtech construction means that the ZMan Scented Jerk ShadZ is 10X tougher than standard soft plastics, so it stands up better to pickers and toothy critters, meaning more fish per lure! Find out yours here. I used a slow retrieve due to the cooler conditions. So, with somewhat of a stacked deck thanks to the time of year and the conditions, I was elated at the results. This lure has a segmented tail which allows it to move more freely with some good action than other lures can. if (!document.MAX_used) document.MAX_used = ','; Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List. How To Choose The Best Hook For Soft Plastic Jerkbaits [Hook Comparison], 2. Next. Think of it as the poor man’s XRap 10. A 4 inch, super-lifelike, soft jerkbait, the Z-Man Scented Jerk ShadZ Soft Plastic Jerk Bait can be rigged weightless to achieve a slow, flutter presentation, or bottom bounced on a weighted hook or jighead. var m3_u = (location.protocol=='https:'? This made it a challenge for any lure, especially one being tested for a product review. Ideal for those chasing species such as snapper, salmon, kingfish, mulloway and more. '&charset='+document.characterSet : '')); document.write ("&loc=" + escape(window.location)); if (document.referrer) document.write ("&referer=" + escape(document.referrer)); if (document.context) document.write ("&context=" + escape(document.context)); if (document.mmm_fo) document.write ("&mmm_fo=1"); document.write ("'><\/scr"+"ipt>"); YES! But we went out to give it a fair shot. This lure is a good choice when you are fishing around shallow water structure such as mangrove trees or oyster beds. $4.99 Non-Member Price Karl's Club Members Save 20% . Details about Zman Soft Lure Jerk ShadZ 7 Inch 4 per pack Bruised Banana (0044) Be the first to write a review. While it is a wide range of colors, it comes in many colors that significantly different than those of other plastics. However, the real proof is in the results which came rather quickly. Smaller – 1/16 oz? Name Review Subject Required. I don’t see that being an issue, as long as its dry so the hook doesn’t rust. I have those baits,bu haven’t used them yet. Brand: Z-Man. I dont think The pro cure is a determining factor in the bite, it may help the fish keeping it a little longer in his mouth. var m3_r = Math.floor(Math.random()*99999999999); Yes I know the owner hooks are a little better to start but still to difficult. Compare items. Infused with 100% natural scents derived from real baitfish, Z-Man Scented Jerk ShadZ provide the smell that triggers strikes from saltwater gamefish. It helps keep the bait up flush the the barb. Zman EZ EGGZ | 6 pcs/pkt. QUICK VIEW. Regarding another lure, I saw pictures of the Hogy 3-1/2″ Protail Paddles. document.write ("<\/scr"+"ipt>"); Select another one or two products to compare. var m3_r = Math.floor(Math.random()*99999999999); I like to keep it simple with one light color for clear water, and one dark color for darker water. I find with the Zman it’s easier to rig with the Mustad Weighted Grip Pin. The Z-Man Pop ShadZ is a soft plastic topwater lure that you can rig weedless. Same with the Paddle Tail swim bits, crawz, frogz, wormz, the TRDs etc. Scented Jerk ShadZ Review. Z-Man. I wish more hook manufacturers would add this feature to their hooks. Have a question? This a unique soft plastic lure that has some added benefits. They are perfectly designed to imitate the erratic action of a dying baitfish. does pro cure go bad after awhile as i was catching lady fish today on a paddle tail and thought maybe a little mullet smell would get reds or trout interested but even the lady fish shut down. Z-Man Scented JerkShadz 5” 5pk Atomic sunrise ZMan softbaits are made with ElaZtech material soft, pliable, and 10X Tougher than other soft plastics. Rods & reels. It can be overwhelming with all of the options, but this video will simplify the... Would love your thoughts, please comment. The split-tail jerk shad body has a hook slot for weedless rigging and solid hooksets. The ZMAN Scented 4” Jerk Shad is gaining significant momentum in both the freshwater and saltwater fishing environments. The Z-Man RaZor ShadZ floats when it’s rigged without a weight, which gives it an advantage to soft plastic lures that sink. I can’t wait to try them. var m3_u = (location.protocol=='https:'? By Walker Smith • May 2, 2016 (Photo: I don’t know of a single bass angler who doesn’t love topwater fishing. Everything you need to start catching fish more consistently (regardless if you fish out of a boat, kayak, or land). Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club. 457.00. Thanks Tony for the great review! I love the plastic ball keeper on the hook shank. In this review, I show you my top pros for the Z-Man RaZor ShadZ. Register; Login; Wishlist; Cart 0 Items; Checkout; 0064 9 480 2070; Search. var m3_u = (location.protocol=='https:'? '&charset='+document.charset : (document.characterSet ? I found that the bait pulled well and provided a great presentation. In this section, I go over my top pros for the Z-Man RaZor ShadZ, which are: The design of the segmented tail on the Z-Man RaZor ShadZ gives the lure some extra kick and movement when it is being retrieved in the water. Early access to new products EXCLUSIVE access to member-only items And more member-only perks! The day I tested the product was cold and cloudy along the Carolina Coast. The Jerk Shadz tail wiggle as enticingly as any fluke on the market. Fish love the way this lure can be presented to them and will usually strike it just after it’s been twitched from that bottom resting position. I’ll take these over the Zoom Fluke any day. However, it sounds crazy, but I’ve never had a whole lot of luck with weedless hooks and prefer jigheads. document.write ("-->,