0000171699 00000 n Technical Specifications Model Weihrauch HW100S Type Side-Lever action PCP Optional Conversion Multi-Shot or Single-Shot Calibre .177 on test, .22 available Stock Walnut Bavarian sporter Sights N Grooved for scope mounting Y Barrel 16.5” Overall length 41.75” Weight 8.6lbs Energy … 0000066950 00000 n 0000013331 00000 n xref The SK has a carbine length barrel, this barrel is 10cm shorter than the S and this can be a real benefit when moving around woodland. 0000079384 00000 n 0000014134 00000 n Weihrauch HW100 Laminate Adjustable Air Rifle.177 .22 or .20. 0000010908 00000 n Carabine Aria Compressa - Weihrauch hw100 4.5/.177 ´ Pubblicato il 18 Agosto '20. 0000091118 00000 n Specification Total Length: 970mm @�� �.��s�������Z�?�����팮�4�y�Q#��g��r$� 0000128996 00000 n The Weihrauch HW100 air rifle has been one of the top rated pre charged air rifles on the market for some time. 0000073960 00000 n If you are looking for a high quality PCP air rifle of classic looks and configuration, the HW100 fits the bill perfectly. 300126 - weihrauch cac hw 100-lamin 4.5 -l=600 30j +1c €1519,00; 300125 - weihrauch cac hw 100-lamin 5.5 -l=600 41j +1c €1519,00; 300047 - weihrauch cac hw 100-sport 4.5 … ... Weihrauch HW 100 KT PCP Air Rifle. 0000044227 00000 n 0000006779 00000 n HW100 .177, GINB FT#7, Viper 10x44, Rowan Stripper / Milbro Huggett Rapid MK2 .177, Mamba Lite 3-12x44, Weihrauch Mod, Pulsar Challenger GS 1x20, N1000AP - 0000068160 00000 n %%EOF 0000142079 00000 n 0000139413 00000 n 0000127594 00000 n 0000021244 00000 n Lunghezza totale: 107 cm 0000068961 00000 n Weihrauch’s been providing airgunners across the globe with quality airguns since 1899. 0000119342 00000 n 0000025845 00000 n 0000097433 00000 n Euro € 1.000,00. 0000086218 00000 n 0000005760 00000 n How to increase or decrease the power of your Weihrauch HW100. On the fence about this Weihrauch HW100 standart length Custom Stock? codice articolo: AC047 Modello: HW100 Descrizione: CALCIO IN LEGNO. 0000013376 00000 n 0000113826 00000 n .20 caliber is available to special order - please ask for current lead time. 0000013241 00000 n 0000047615 00000 n 32 0 obj <> endobj 0000020532 00000 n 0000113352 00000 n 0000141207 00000 n LIBERA VENDITA Calibro: 4,5 L'acquisto di armi per corrispondenza puo' essere effettuato ai sensi dell'art.17 delle Legge 110 del 18/04/1975 richiedendo un nulla osta alla propria prefettura. 0000123339 00000 n Following WWII as they were not allowed to produce firearms, Weihrauch put their efforts into making the finest sporting airguns in the world..and they still do. 0000013144 00000 n MODEL: HW100 BP (full-length) PRICE: £1,140 TYPE: Sidelever-action bullpup PCP CALIBRE:.177 and .22 OVERALL LENGTH: 824mm (full-length), 730mm (carbine) with silencer LENGTH OF PULL: 355mm BARREL LENGTH: 410mm (full-length), 310mm (carbine) WEIGHT: 3.7kg (full-length without scope) TRIGGER: Two-stage adjustable SAFETY: Resettable switch on both 0000015260 00000 n 0000138924 00000 n Weihrauch HW100 was the first pre-charge air rifle produced by Weihrauch in Germany. A 25 metri, la rosata misura ben 38 millimetri. Since then, it has been a market leader in the pre-charge market. The Weihrauch HW100 has an integral pressure gauge and uses a quick-fill probe arrangment for speedy charging. 0000137729 00000 n HW100 Sporter - Full Length barrel and cylinder with Weihrauch Silencer, Two Magazines and Walnut Stock. » Weihrauch hw100 4.5/.177. 0000107898 00000 n 0 0000004045 00000 n We will part exchange or buy your used Weihrauch HW100. Molto scarso il feeling tra la Hw100 e i pallini H&N Field & target trophy. Weihrauch second hand air rifles for sale. Cinque colpi in 15 millimetri con i Baracuda match, sempre a 25 metri. 0000003832 00000 n When the first variant of the Weihrauch HW100 PCP was launched in the UK it caused quite a few raised eyebrows. 0000063087 00000 n 0000133714 00000 n Average Model: Weihrauch HW100K; Action: Pre-charged pneumatic multi-shot carbine; Stock: Oiled Walnut Thumbhole; Sights: None, dovetail fitted for scope. 0000010391 00000 n 0000134107 00000 n An overall length of 83cm and weighing in at 3.7kg you can be assured the bullpup will be steady when pointing. 0000050118 00000 n 0000142903 00000 n Initially the rifle only came in one stock variant, could only be filled by detaching the air reservoir and surprised us all by its then ‘un-traditional’ side-lever cocking mechanism. 0000007915 00000 n 0000182163 00000 n 0000127089 00000 n 0000011455 00000 n Record sales The following months saw record sales of the HW110, as thousands of shooters put aside their preconceived notions and judged the rifle on performance. Willy Weihrauch wrote:A week ago, I took the plunge and bought an HW100, my excitement was overflowing and I was as happy as a pig in the proverbial.I gave it good inspection and cleaned the barrel, then mounted a Hawke Vantage scope on Sportsmatch mounts and had a plink in the garden, I had 17 yards to play with and I have to say, I was not impressed with the accuracy at first. Carabine Aria Compressa. View the Weihrauch HW100KT rifle. 0000013285 00000 n 0000007290 00000 n 0000135574 00000 n 0000015669 00000 n Why Is The Weihrauch HW100 The Best Airgun For Me? 0000013109 00000 n 0000173325 00000 n 0000093705 00000 n 0000119911 00000 n IL PREZZO E' RIFERITO ALLE ARMI PRESENTI IN ARMERIA. 0000113153 00000 n Canna rigata di alta precisione, caricatore 14 colpi, calcio noce. 0000052510 00000 n 0000031787 00000 n With exceptional German technical configuration the balance of the rifle has been fine tuned. Il tuo voto 0000079183 00000 n Carabina Aria Compressa con Porto d'Armi. 0000008964 00000 n Inventory Last Updated: Dec 14, 2020 0000018014 00000 n 0000095460 00000 n Modello: HW 100. 173 0 obj <>stream 0000052691 00000 n 0000020254 00000 n 0000066994 00000 n 0000036936 00000 n 0000100031 00000 n 0000031379 00000 n 0000118917 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 0000083638 00000 n !���0�5&"��@�PZ����XkѺ�83��Cy�1�ѥ�� �4�_��ǵ0-::-`�_�}�. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns. 0000020890 00000 n 0000077453 00000 n This HW100 air rifle is available in a Thumbhole (T) or Carbine Thumbhole (KT) stock. With so much time in the industry, it’s no surprise these airguns bring serious performance, all backed by advanced CNC machining. 0000076099 00000 n This outstanding pre-charged pneumatic rifle is in a league of its own and is undoubtedly amongst the best air guns in the world. Weihrauch HW100 for sale from Leicestershire Airguns. calibro: 4,5mm – 5,5mm. 0000065806 00000 n 0000067510 00000 n Sito di vendita online Weihrauch hw 100-t pcp con un ricco catalogo di articoli per i praticanti di soft air e amanti delle armi da collezione; il servizio di vendita Weihrauch hw 100-t pcp propone a tutti gli appassionati una serie di prodotti di altissima qualità con Calibro: 4.5. energia cinetica potenza < 17 joule; (16,3 j) Action grooved for scope mounts; Trigger: Two stage, adjustable; Safety: Manual 0000004514 00000 n 0000004335 00000 n 0000030144 00000 n Follow us weekly for new updates, fun with field sports and a whole load of guns. The Weihrauch HW100 is available in standard barrel length (97.5 cm) or carbine (96 cm), with either a standard sporter stock or optional thumbhole stock. 0000026202 00000 n lunghezza canna: 410 mm. The action is a simple and efficient design and is manufactured to the high standards you would expect from Weihrauch. 0000018099 00000 n abbofa 0000030665 00000 n 0000061544 00000 n �YVM< 0000052461 00000 n It has two stage adjustable match trigger and manual safety, (scope not included). 0000071649 00000 n Leicesterhire Airguns can supply the full range of stock options, calibers and lengths of the popular Weihrauch HW100 pre-charged air rifle. 0000017608 00000 n Marca: Weihrauch. 0000019095 00000 n 32 142 Featuring an elegant and handy thumbhole stock with a stippled pistol grip. 0000098052 00000 n Not that bad Carbine or Full Length: Weight: Carbine – 3.2kg / Full – 3.8kg *Pre-Charged PCP *Total Length: Carbine – 875mm / Full – 975mm … Had Weihrauch thrown the baby out with the bathwater by making a more affordable version of its renowned HW100, and most significant of all – was this 110 a real Weihrauch at all? Descrizione. Very Poor, ★ IN RELAZIONE ALLA PANDEMIA COVID 19 e PERIODO NATALIZIO, LE SPEDIZIONI E CONSEGNE POSSONO SUBIRE RITARDI FINO A 1 SETTMANA â˜, Tempi di consegna e le spese di spedizione, Articolo gia presente nella lista dei desideri, weihrauch hw 100 s canna di alta precisione in acciaio rigata, velocità alla bocca circa: 250m/s – 190m/s, energia cinetica potenza < 17 joule; (16,3 j), ottima precisione di tiro, bilanciamento e velocità ricarica, predisposizione per il montaggio del cannocchiale, impugnatura sagomata, antiscivolo curata nei dettagli. The Weihrauch HW100 is one of the best rifles on the market today, and if I had to have just one gun in my cabinet for target shooting, hunting and plinking and I wasn’t allowed my TX200HC, it would probably be the HW100KT. 0000066783 00000 n 0000024882 00000 n Click on more for full details. 0000086018 00000 n 0000014035 00000 n 0000019421 00000 n 0000035937 00000 n 0000039301 00000 n 0000068814 00000 n 0000031222 00000 n 0000125910 00000 n An oiled walnut stock finishes off the Weihrauch HW100 T beautifully. 0000025375 00000 n Likewise, if you are satisfied with .177 or .22 caliber and don’t want to tinker with settings and adjustments, the HW100 is an outstanding choice. Weihrauch hw 100 t il meglio del meglio, precisione, bilanciamento e velocità. 0000071005 00000 n 0000135133 00000 n Rate… 0000066873 00000 n Inserito da luciano (Utente non registrato) Visto da 448 persone #682345. 0000111262 00000 n 0000045272 00000 n 0000055066 00000 n 0000015518 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� 0000071412 00000 n trailer varianti. 0000013195 00000 n 0000031103 00000 n QUESTO ARTICOLO PUO ESSERE PAGATO SOLO CON BONIFICO BANCARIO/POSTALE, WESTER UNION O MONEYGRAM, NON CON PAYPAL. 0000003199 00000 n Weihrauch HW100 SK and HW100 KT As you’d expect, the Sporter and Thumbhole carbine models are shorter, by a full 100mm in overall length and barrel, and, more significantly, by a huge 0.6kgs, making them handier, especially in confined spaces. 0000083838 00000 n 0000070680 00000 n 0000132456 00000 n 0000140542 00000 n Lunghezza canna: 62 cm. 0000041804 00000 n 0000134692 00000 n 0000013677 00000 n ��sQא�κfx`���!�x���h��"�"��)�5^�j�~�E�>FE � �K�h�.! 0000096062 00000 n 0000129581 00000 n 0000052591 00000 n Good You may order this gun online, however due to the VCR act, we are not permitted to ship directly to you, we can however ship to a registered firearms dealer local to you. <<160FD0CBFA21534F91917ABED0AD7C04>]/Prev 523625>> 0000108883 00000 n 0000018824 00000 n For those of you unfamiliar with Weihrauch air rifles, the designation ‘T’ stands for Thumbhole stock while the ‘S’ stands for Sporter stock. •Weihrauch HW100 Ginb + Delta Optical Stryker HD 5-50x56 DLS-1 •Marocchi SM45 + Leapers UTG Accushot 4-16x44 Compact •Diana Panther F31 + Bushnell AR 4,5-18x40 Drop Zone-223 BDC •Umarex Walther CP99 + laser In arancione le bimbe a cui sto dicendo ciao.. Top . As standard, the rifles come with a specification packed with features that sets them apart from all other air guns in their class.… 0000085753 00000 n Marchio Armi: Weihrauch: Modello: hw100: Anno di Produzione: 2018: The KT variant of the HW100 is the thumbhole carbine version. Weihrauch HW100 PCP Air Rifles have an established a presence in Australia with the HW100T and the HW100S, both as leading PCPs* in their class. Ok Più informazioni canna fissa dotata di silenziatore. 0000068551 00000 n 0000010000 00000 n 0000090181 00000 n Weight: 7.5lbs; Overall Length: 38.5 inches; Barrel Length: 12 inches (19.5” with moderator) Sights: No open sights. So, the question you might want to ask is, ‘Why is the HW100 so good?’ Well, first of all, we have to look at longevity. 0000081435 00000 n Puoi essere il primo a recensire questo prodotto, Ottica visibile nella foto non è compresa nel prezzo. 0000177736 00000 n 0000068077 00000 n 0000037294 00000 n Calcio: Montecarlo in legno. velocità alla bocca circa: 250m/s – 190m/s. 0000017307 00000 n startxref 0000036498 00000 n 0000118029 00000 n 0000081235 00000 n Weihrauch HW 100 S – caratteristiche tecniche: weihrauch hw 100 s canna di alta precisione in acciaio rigata. In … 0000112953 00000 n L’allestimento standard prevede canna di 600 millimetri, in alternativa è disponibile la versione kurz, più compatta, con canna di 410 mm. Stocks are made from high-quality oiled walnut wood, with a chequered pistol grip. Per maggiori informazioni visita la pagina delle condizioni di vendita. 0000019513 00000 n Extra features include a picatinnay rail, which can be removed, ambidextrous pistol … Don't be. ˑ���RQ�.��m\W�Rb��a ���4��1��(�iv[,:G��S�{1�w^�� �Gu��s�e��e��yI_�'��I1��&���sU?�}�PN�vD���(n��}U�C�tJ%����'"�