So just find what is easiest for you to craft with the materials you have on hand and craft that seven times. Once you’ve completed the Herbalist 2 challenge and managed to pick and eat 4 species of berry, be sure to visit our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide, … Partly because it indeed doesn't keep track of what you've picked, but mainly because it's the only challenge that can't be completed until the epilogue (without exploiting a glitch on an un-updated game.) The entire Challenge … When starting this challenge, one is only required to feed the horses with mushrooms, mushrooms in satchel count as being picked. Yeah, Herbalist 9 is my least favourite challenge in the game. Fences are black market merchants in Red Dead Redemption 2, the first of which is found at Emerald Station, east of Valentine, and you can bring any stolen coaches to his stable to earn a quick buck. Maybe that helps one or another Gamer here. Herbalist Challenge 5 - Indian Tobacco location. You can complete these … You will need to find at least 20 different plants for 100% completion as well as gather some specific ones for the herbalist challenges. Red Dead Redemption 2 - All 43 Plant Locations - Herbalist Challenge 9 Drastic Ed xo 398,688 Posted on 26 November 18 at 19:01, Edited on 13 December 18 at 07:47 by Drastic Ed xo If you like to do a little detective work and/or make lots of money, these are the ones for you! Reward: 50 Health XP and $10 Rank 5 Craft nine items using Indian Tobacco as an ingredient. I started searching my own, and found planty near Valentine, the marked spots are the places to look. I tried some meat with orleander sage and other sage variants, but they all don't count towards the challenge. They can be divided into multiple categories: berries, flowers, herbs, mushrooms etc. Red Dead Redemption 2 has 43 different plants which you can collect. After I tried finding a good list with Spots in the Internet, without a result. These are essentially Red Dead Redemption’s Treasure Hunter Challenges, except they can be completed in any order. The only thing that counts are the horse items that require "pure" sage, but I have never found "pure" sage, only some variants of that. Challenge 1 ¶ Your first task to unlock the category is to find and pick 6 Yarrow plants. Reward: 50 Health XP and $10 Rank 6 Greed Is Good, but the Hunt Is Better. Red Dead Redemption 2 has 90 Challenges. on your way to mastering this challenge you’ll need to pick all of the plants and become adapt at cooking them. This guide shows all plant locations in RDR2. To view Treasure Maps, hold Right on the D-pad, cycle to Documents, and select “Treasure Maps." This RDR2 Challenges Guide will help you complete all of the challenges in the game with the required rank, rewards for completing them, and how to complete. Herbalist 3: Craft 7 items using Sage as an ingredient; The important thing to note about this challenge is you only need to craft seven total items, and not seven different items. I am currently trying to do the third herbalist challenge, where you have to craft 7 items with sage. RDR. Reward: Herbalist Gun Belt Rank 4 Pick five mushrooms and feed them to your horse. There are 9 Challenges Categories, each consisting of 10 challenge tasks: Bandit, Explorer, Gambler, Herbalist, Horseman, Master Hunter, Sharpshooter, Survivalist, Weapons Expert. The Herbalist Challenges are all about exploring the great outdoor. Herbalist 8 - Use oleandar to craft 6 poison weapons Oleander is a herb used for making poison weapons, and can be found growing mainly in the bayou of Lemoyne, to the South East.