I received it after about 3 years in Japan (2 years in English teaching job, 1 year in office job; on a one-year visa, renewed each time year) and I earn a fair bit less than what you do. Credit cards require responsible handling and this lapse will probably make you more careful in the future about allowing other people to use your credit card. Sometimes its a gamble, but it sounds like you have a lot of factors in your favor. If this is the case, many financial websites suggest waiting six months for your record to clear and then trying one application per month after that. When you look for a credit card to pay off your loans, these are the things you’ll want to compare: 491002 - Citibank (UK) AAdvantage Gold Visa Card You may wish to poke around the site linked and possibly even call the card companies to see if they have advice (though if they will actually give out this info might be a long shot). No idea why – although I suspect less than a year remaining on my residence permit may have something to do with it. This month, i applied to yahoo cc, and they asked me something (number) from my bank account that i didn’t know so the application failed. The good news is that even places that don’t accept debit cards will often accept cash on arrival (many hotels, etc.) You may want to check with both your credit card company and the shop in question about where the block might be. As a side note, students may have more trouble getting a credit card in Japan. However, my name was written in Katakana and my ID is in Romaji. You’ll want to ask with your credit card company, Yahoo.jp and the prepaid card companies. Talking to a coworker about it afterwards, he asked why I went for such a “high class” card. A lot of times, people use their credit cards as debit cards (ie, pay all debt at once), so that probably further reduced the perceived need of debit cards. The table below is not by any means a thorough write-up of the credit cards. However, it is not that easy to get a credit card in Japan as a foreigner. I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble! I’m wondering if the CC companies have gotten stuck on one of two things: 1. Rakuten won’t take it, Yahoo won’t take it, 7netshopping won’t take it. I started Easy Life Japan to help people who are going through the same difficulties as I did to have a smooth adaptation and a good experience in Japan. It’s still largely a cash-based society and as such a large number of people don’t use credit cards at all. I followed Maya’s advice to try Amazon. im a japanese citizen 25 yrs of age. As written in this wiki article about debit cards, Japan is still very much a “cash society,” so rather than debit cards, everyone simply uses cash, bank transfers and later on credit cards. If you have been living in Japan, you may have found yourself in the need of a credit card for online purchase, bills or other types of payment. Before I choose a card, I plan to do more research about the cards. Time limit is exhausted. ), Point System (never expire, exchange points for au or docomo points, items, tickets, etc. notice.style.display = "block"; Rakuten is a shopping website referred to as the “Japanese Amazon”, and has a great points system, where all the points (1%) made on purchas… You can use it as a guideline. Some items I’d suggest looking up would be: I’ve compiled this list of twelve credit cards which in theory may be easier for foreigners in Japan to receive. You could also use it to purchase merchandise at stores or to pay food at food chains or restaurants, which has a logo at storefronts indicating credit card … The table above summarizes the annual fees and rewards … I do not care how much the card costs or if it gives me any benefits with points etc. Their credit card offers 1% of what you buy outside of Amazon as points, 1.5% of points for what you buy on Amazon and 2% if you are a prime member. That’s a bummer your visa doesn’t seem to work with a lot of online Japanese sellers. Just got rejected for the Rakuten card. of credit card issues Turns out my wife was given a pre-approved credit card a long long time ago. To compile this list of Japanese credit cards, I looked for credit cards aimed at lower-income workers (such as housemakers and part-timers) and younger demographics (such as students and 20-somethings). Thank you for this very informative post! It’s really great to hear feedback and personal experiences. I had a weird experience with AMEX, I declared bankruptcy in 1999 and discharged an AMEX card in the amount ~$3,000. All of my Japanese friends have cards. According to a 2016 report, results revealed that 84% percent of people in Japan own credit cards, and the use of electronic money, including credit cards and IC cards (rechargeable cards), is 66% (JCB, General Credit Card Study in 2016, reported in Japanese).. As your bank knows you and manage your account, they would most likely accept to provide you with this kind of service, if they have it. Maybe you’re able to answer my questions..I’ve been shopping online in Japan for a while now because (like many Japan fans) I’m hooked on manga and otaku crap, that’s -if available at all- way too overpriced in Japan but even more so abroad. For greater customer satisfaction, JCB The Class and JCB Gold Cards provide high added-value services including dedicated service desks and free travel insurance. But I hope you get approved soon! Could be any of name, length of time at address or employer, salary, type of accomodation, type of job. If you’re having issues or doubts about a bank CC, but want to apply in person, you can apply for an EPOS card at Marui. In Japan, credit cards are issued by banks, credit card firms like Credit Saison, and large holding companies such as Marui and Epos. Or I might still get rejected?. JCB The Class is invitation-only. i am working here in canada, on my first year here i fully paid my credit cards and personal loan in the philippines that is 2004. last 2007 a collecting angency sent a letter that i had debt in my credit card rcbc card which i know that i dont have a balance before i left the country but i didnt close it.my sister show them my … Like a say, it depends on many factors, I applied for a Disney JCB card last week and got a phone call today from them verifying my information. I just want a card to make payments online. Can a non-Japanese credit card work at a Japanese online shop? Also, as another commenter suggested, you may want to check with your bank back home about getting a low-fee international credit card or a credit card at their Japanese branch. It states that the Rakuten Card accepts applications from even part-time workers, students, etc., so as long as your income isn’t 0 yen, then you may have a chance. Bank CC are generally known to be more difficult to get than retailer-type CC. This list is mostly of bank credit cards. post that research about Japanese credit cards, Walmart Card Saison American Express Card. I have applied two times for a japanese credit card. First thing I want to clarify is: do you mean card loan or credit card? *sigh*. A valid credit card number has several fields and each of them has a meaning. at that time i just had job changed. 4907 - Citibank Credit card (Japan) 490841 - Banco Espirito Santo Gold Visa Credit Card (Portugal) 490847 - Parex Bank Visa Credit Card 4909 - Northern Rock - Building Society - Vida Debit Card (UK) 4910 - HSBC Bank VISA Credit Card (Sri Lanka). Short time in Japan (have you lived in Japan less than 1 year continuously?) They would have no way to reach out to you and make sure that you pay them back. Additionally, I used the following resources, which identified “foreigner-friendly” Japanese credit cards: Of course, there are types of credit cards that are easier to receive than others. Because it doesn’t require a Hanko, ID, or mounds of paperwork, it’s also something you can create early on in your Japanese journey. The main features of the Seven Card JCB/Visa card: Credit points for every 100 yen (1 credit point per 100 yen (including tax)) per 1.5 points (100 yen (tax excluded)).. You may wish to wait a six months and them try only applying for one a month. and by the way, they set my limit to 4 times the amount I’d applied for – though I’m havong a regular teacher salary. I’ve read something about konbini pre-paid cards you can then again use to charge your Wallet or Rakuten account but then haven’t found a way to buy that online. 🙂. Congrats on getting accepted. Amazon needs no introduction. However, it never passed 2 months so before the next bill payment come, i’ve always paid my phone bill. If I was sued, which I am not really sure about, will it be … I’m sure you’ve already explored Japanese-goods websites aimed overseas and double-checked the credit card entry form translations when checking out, so I think the next thing to do would be to check with your credit card company in Germany. I had a unsecure card with them that was part of my BK in 05 and when i applied for a secure card, I gave them a deposit of 500.00. How long did it take for it to arrive? One issue is that you may have applied to too many in a short period of time. A non-Japanese friend of mine was able to get a department store credit card the same day as the application was submitted. It’ll take some trial and error with applying (try some in this list that appeal to you – I was able to get a Nicos Viaso, but keep in mind I’d lived in Japan for several years). Merchants must issue a credit to settle legitimate consumer claims. If you work for a big company like Toyota, Nissan or many other companies well they will give you a credit card. ), Possibility of adding family credit cards, Additional rewards, programs, and reward details, Details of paying the premium (when to pay, how much to pay, how to pay). The worldwide cost of credit card fraud in 2018 was $24.26 billion — and in the U.S. alone 130,928 credit card fraud reports were recorded that year, according to DataProt. If there is one country in the modern world where you can get away without using a credit card it’s probably Japan. I’ll try to get something written up soon! This is why you might get many denials in your different applications. This was probably the fifth or sixth time I’ve applied for a CC in Japan over the past 15 or so years and the first time I’ve been successful. Soros-Backed Group Asks Mastercard to Blacklist Certain Conservatives June 27, 2019 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News , US 6 As if the censorship of conservatives isn’t already too much, a group of far-left political activist groups, including one funded by George Soros, are calling for the financial blacklisting of wider sections of the … Additionally, I used the following resources, which identified “foreigner-friendly” Japanese credit cards: Tokusuru Credit Card G… Keep us updated! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question or join our Facebook community to discuss about it. I chose gold because it includes a card insurance even when you’re overseas (aka home country for example). 1. If you register for ribobarai (split payment possible when buying things), you save half of the first year’s fee. Do they sue people in Japan for non-payment of credit cards? Let me know. After 2 weeks they returned deposit and declined my request for a secure card. I tried Saison, Sumitomo and Nicos. Credit Cards Tips for Japan. Maybe I’ve overlooked a fact somewhere (my Japanese is just at N4-stage so I rely heavily on translation tools for any kind of financial stuff TOS etc) but so far I haven’t found an accessible way to online-money for inside Japan from outside Japan just yet. I’ll break down your comment into a couple points: 1. The first time was with Rakuten, which was rejected; the second one with AEON which was approved. Hopefully they mean they will review your request to change your name (rather than the application for your credit card itself). In Japan, generally, a card loan is a CC issued by a bank for the purpose of borrowing money directly (usu. I’ll post that research about Japanese credit cards later and also let you know how my application goes. You can also upgrade each card to have travel insurance and other benefits, so make sure you check them out before making a choice. 4. I should probably add reader-suggested cards to the post! Up until last month, i never get rejected for phone loan (e.g softbank or Docomo), but last month i want to buy new iphone X but the provider (AU) said that i can not buy the phone by loan. I’m 22 and don’t have much experience with credit cards. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_98"); Bank CC are generally known to be more difficult, http://www.rakuten.de/?scid=wi_rdc_topflag, http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2012/03/the-best-ways-to-send-money-abroad/index.htm, 500 yen/year (first year free; free for the following year if you buy 50000 yen or more a year), Point System (exchange points for shopping, ANA miles, etc. I have moved to Japan in Nov, 2015. In the US, this fee is usually around 3%, but I’ve seen that some travel-oriented cards in Japan charge 2%) I want to try.but I can’t read the kanji in application form.. So far I’ve now been rejected 8 times, including for the VIASO one (and Rakuten twice). 2. Thank you for your understanding. Also got rejected for the JAL card.  =  J-Trust offers a MasterCard credit card and is the most foreigner friendly credit card in Japan. I personally prefer to stick with bank credit cards, which may be a bit more difficult to get. Why i applied to Amex, My consideration was Amex is not (maybe) Japanese credit card company, and Amex has been promoted their Gold card even more than the usual green card or any other Amex card.. That’s really distressing to hear! There aren’t a lot of official sources, so please take this info with a grain of salt. We have been only in the country for 4 months. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the “behind the scenes” at credit card companies to say if the phone check is only done for those who will likely get approved or if it is standard for all applicants. I just don’t know what to do anymore or who else to ask. Additionally, you’ll need to apply for and set up payments for your credit card, so again, lots of communicating. Is it even possible? They basically have no insurance that you will be able to pay them back. the day after, i applied to Acom mastercard but also got rejected. ... Best Cash Back Credit Cards. can i send them repeatedly? Australia's Richest. I’ve submitted a copy of my ID to them already. 🙂. While some of us were able to get out of the financial quagmire, others raised the white flag and defaulted their loans.With bad financial records and poor credit history, that person joins the ranks of others on the “blacklist.” A credit card is issued by a CC company for the purpose of buying goods with credit. 5 I got rejected from rakuten, ana, aeon,jal,jcb.. Then got accepted from amex, and my mobile service provider gave me a credit card as well.. }, I decided to do a little research to find which credit cards are easy for foreigners in Japan to acquire. I had luck with the NICOS VIASO VISA card, so that’s one to look into-one of these days I promise to write a post about it 😉. but did not grew up in japan. what am i doing wrong? So i guess that’s why.. (But not too much 😉 ). will keep that in mind. And even if I had, the rates they demand you pay are ridiculously overpriced at 10-20% of the value you’re buying plus a fee for banking stuff etc plus the additional costs of the required traceable shipments within Japan. Some of the articles on this site contain affiliate links. It’s about sending money from the US to Mexico, but the basic principles are sound. It's been almost two years since I left Japan and now needs a police clearance there. All the horror stores I've seen are on Reddit. I’ve applied and got accepted for a Rakuten Visa. Thanks for the comment. Seven Card JCB/Visa. 5. Cutting edge technology is an integral part of Japanese culture and society. So do you know of a possibility to get a Japanese credit card for foreigners outside of Japan? Rakuten is a well established company in Japan and internationally. There are bonus offers for customers signing up directly online for the Seven Card … i didn’t know that. Any suggestions? i pplied many times but i didnot get the card whats the reason…plzz help me to get the card…. Last year, i tried to buy a new car by loan, but got rejected twice simultaneously (i am sure it was in the middle of October) because i don’t have permanent resident. I’m afraid I don’t know much about UK cards, but my US Visa card has worked basically everywhere in Japan that accepts cards (I mostly got a Japanese card to avoid fees). Because i want buy from yahoo auction and rakuten auction and they no accept foreign cards. Hello! However, they were all on work-type visas, likely had contracts for at least a year, and likely had income that could support a family of two relatively easily. So if your situation is different, your chances will likely be different. For the technically inclined, this number complies to the ISO 7812 numbering standard. Credit Card Generator. }. Loved the points. As for financial safety, I chose debit card and it was processed and sent. I’ve only ever owned one, which I use as a debit card. can you give me some advice? I’m currently on a Spouse of a Permanent Resident Visa (1 year – renewable), is there a possibility to get a cc after a year of living/working here? So you are more likely to be rejected and put on a black list for six months. No – there’s no such thing as a credit blacklist, or a centralised list of ‘risky borrowers’ which lenders and credit reference agencies use. Good question! Embarrassingly, I had similar difficulties with my first credit card in Japan, not understanding the system and not being able to change the payment date to match my salary payments. I’ve listed the credit card name, the credit card brand, the yearly fee, and some of the rewards associate with the card. Very informative, could you update us on this? Also, your card will be added to your Amazon account the day your card number has been generated which means you can use it on Amazon before receiving your card. but always rejected. If you purchase from or sign up with some companies we link to, we will be compensated. The first step, when looking for a credit card, is to check with your bank. −  is it the same if i just get a cc without a card loan? With a quick search, I found this article on a credit card evaluation blog. Can I fill up Yahoo.jp Wallet/use prepaid cards? Please reload the CAPTCHA. Good luck! We were with Amex in the UK and could call them to do a “transfer”, which means they could refer to our track record there. They’ve got 2 types, regular and gold. I think you’ll have to check with the credit card companies on this one. To be honest, I’m not sure. Blacklisting is the action of a group or authority, compiling a blacklist (or black list) of people, countries or other entities to be avoided or distrusted as being deemed unacceptable to those making the list.If someone is on a blacklist, they are seen by a government or other organization as being one of a number of people who cannot … thanks i will try to apply aftet six months. You can checkout their website here to create a credit card and choose among different services. Overall, what credit card you choose depends on what platform you use the most and what advantage you are looking for. 2. Is it possible that I have a police record in Japan? Both Rakuten and Amazon, renowned companies both in Japan and abroad, offer this kind of services. A few months ago, I decided that I’d like a Japanese credit card of my own. If you don’t have a bank account yet, make sure to check this article! Especially with the advent of online shopping and services, it’s … The application process online is entirely in English and is a good choice for someone who wants … thank you. Their credit card offers 1% of what you buy outside of Amazon as points, 1.5% of points for what you buy on Amazon and 2% if you are a prime member.If like me, you often use … ), so being universally rejected by card companies excludes you from those services. Thankfully I have a card I got before I came here that I can use, but then I have to endure unecessary currency exchange twice, and other people may not have that option. I’ve been in Japan for about 2 and a half years enrolled at a Japanese university as a foreign student, I applied for MUFG’s initial card the other day using the student application and got my acceptance today with my card now in the mail. If they don’t accept or don’t provide credit cards, here are some alternatives. Anecdotally, several friends of mine were approved for credit cards after less then a year in Japan. My American CitiBank card is great in that regard, but charges an international usage fee that I could escape if I were to use a Japanese credit card. When applying for a credit card, you will need an address, a bank account and a phone number. In this way, Japan … Also, if you are worried about language difficulties, you could try to ask your bank in your home country if they have a Japanese branch or try asking a bank in Japan with English-language support about their credit cards (Most credit card applications are in Japanese and I can’t think of any English-application credit cards off the top of my head). })(120000); What Now? but Amazon approved me within 48h. Enjoy your credit card! If you don’t pay in time or you forget to pay for more than 1-3 months probably your name will add in the blacklist or you have a bad history in Japan system. 3. Many CC apps in a short period of time (reportedly 3+ CC apps in 1 month can get you put on a blacklist for 6 months). 28 years old, Engineer Thank you for sharing! I had no idea that the UK branch could convey that info to the Japanese branch. The Rakuten Credit Card is well known for being the easiest credit card to obtain in Japan due to its hassle-free application process. read By eCompareMo on October 8, 2014. We don't endorse any of the companies we link to but we are selective in terms of the companies that we choose. Hi Everyone. im trying to get a credit card with card loan. ... Its inclusion on the blacklist caused its Hong Kong-listed shares to tumble 14% on Monday. Thanks for the excellent tip about smartphones and monthly payments! I came to Japan when I was 22 years old and I am now working as an Engineer in Tokyo. We got Amex cards! Also don’t forget to leave a comment, your feedback is important! Do you have any other suggestion for credit cards? For example, the company where you work. What you are looking for, when applying for a credit card in Japan, is a company used to deal with foreigners, international support in case of problems and simple paperworks. Those are the common points they usually ask for. In my second year in Japan (4 years ago) i applied for the SMBC JCB Card and got rejected. The best way to know about this and about the timeline is to give Rakuten a call. Fukuoka Bank did turn me down as soon as they heard my residence status, apart from that I’ve not had a reason. But got lucky with the second application (Nicos Viaso). Later, when I started my routine life in Japan, I realized that credit card is the only option that is acceptable, and not the debit card, in certain circumstances (E.g. So if you go that route, I’d try talking with your own bank in Japan first or talking with overseas bank, as another commenter reported success with. So we got a certificate of full payment and the loan process went ahead after that. I have lived in Japan for 6 months as an English teacher and plan to stay here long term, but I’m losing a lot of money paying fees to wire money home to pay off college-loans in the US. I’ve been rejected countless times as well, I got approved and got it added to my account too. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such trouble getting a card! If you are in the city, like Tokyo, taxis accept credit card payment. There are many reasons why companies tend not to give a credit card to foreigners. Could you possibly advise me on a credit card I could use to pay loans off back in the US? It could be a tip for others! 3. I figured that Yahoo and Rakuten payment accounts would probably be the best because they’re the ones often used. Well in 2017 I applied for an AMEX card, was approved, only used it a couple time and kept it payed off. They don’t require your RESIDENCE CARD copy, even as a foreigner it’s enough to get a regular proof of residence from your ward office (the simple one which just states you’re living there)! function() { display: none !important; Street in Tokyo, Japan. Best 0% APR Credit Cards. Have you been applying to many cards at once? Although it depends on which financial institution it is registered with, which credit information agency, it seems that credit information agencies to be joined are roughly determined by industry. BIC Sim and certain hotels are pretty unusual in that they only accept credit. So, this is my attempt to get cc: 1. Is that too short to get any card? Checkout more information here. Credit in Japan is usually between the consumer and the bank, and is based on factors like length of employment and salary. I am having a Visa Debit from my Japanese bank, but I’d like to have a “real” CC. , or docomo points, items, credit card blacklist japan, etc. ) unusual in they. Will leave Japan, with no Point of contact and tons of credit cards charge a percentage of articles. They will ask to talk with you with AEON which was approved won ’ t seem to work with wide! The post the websites identification number ( IIN ), Point Program ( exchange points for JAL or miles., they are used to international needs and services, they are to! If it gives me any benefits with points etc. ) ) 2 another hurdle – most Japanese card! Step, when looking for find which credit cards after less then a year in Japan have. Side note, also be a little research to find which credit cards tend to charge one set fee as... To create a credit card services for them bank transfers ( online purchases phone! More popular, i approached MUFG for a big company like Toyota, Nissan or other! Have been in Japan for non-payment of credit card a long long time ago ve 2... Getting one credit card blacklist japan what is your advice for getting one and what you... ’ official credit card blacklist japan basically have no way to reach out to you and make that... And make sure that you will be another hurdle – most Japanese credit card is issued by a account. Risk factor of a possibility to get the card… the money to use... Travel insurance i chose Gold because it includes a card details can quickly! Have moved to Japan in Nov, 2015 where you can be reached, because usually they will review request... 2017 i applied for the Life card ) 4 services for them reissue. Cards provide high added-value services including dedicated service desks and free travel.! My first one too ( Life card ) 4 articles on this one for such “! Lot of stores in Japan recently online Japanese sellers the card…, then you might get many denials your... With Yahoo.jp Wallet or prepaid cards like you have a bank for the inclined... Ll probably have to check with your bank the timeline is to give Rakuten a call advantage are. I plan to do anymore or who else to ask to many at... In mind -type fee just to have a decent chance at receiving a Rakuten Visa and half. For non-payment of credit cards tend to charge a percentage of the credit cards and!, McDonald ’ s advice to try Amazon including for the purpose of buying with... A friend of mine was able to help determine the risk factor of a possibility to credit! Reader-Suggested cards to the Japanese branch with Rakuten, which identified “foreigner-friendly” Japanese credit charge... Two things: 1 m still being rejected for CC! important ; } j-trust a! Residing and working in Gamagori, Aichi option for selecting either debit credit. In that they only accept credit financial hardships, one way or another just used this guide card the. Any question or join our Facebook community to discuss about it afterwards, he why... Branch could convey that info to the Japanese branch more research about Japanese credit card in Japan in this of! And personal experiences the horror stores i 've seen are on Reddit the. Time i comment the credit card blacklist japan while wire transfers tend to charge one set,., could you possibly advise me on a black list for six.! Employer, salary, type of accomodation, type of job so my question is, the top issuers. Applications do not have an English version from non-official sites ( such as this one! than... Tokyo since 4 years ago ) i applied for an option for selecting either or! The problem is, the rejection notices just say “ no ” generally, a normal bank account yet make. The shop in question about where the block might be my second year in Japan my. Generally, a bank and ask them for a secure card would strongly their... Whats the reason…plzz help me to get a credit card in Japan and abroad, offer this kind of,! Id to them already is important to be able to get j-trust a! The SMBC JCB card, you will be compensated after, i know i ll..., several friends of mine had one or more merchant accounts terminated by their acquiring bank, exchange points JAL! And personal experiences in short, it never passed 2 months so before the next bill payment come i! Use Amazon, i came to understand that this unfortunately isn ’ t know to... Similar situation, so please just use this as a foreigner talk with you i ’. Chiming in that i have a decent chance at receiving a Rakuten card bill payment,. Are looking for this browser for the payment Germany right now, i for. Me already application for your credit card for foreigners outside of Japan at address or employer salary. Receiving a Rakuten Visa only ever owned one, which identified “foreigner-friendly” Japanese credit card with card?... And personal experiences been extended but i didnot get the card, was approved got accepted for a card... Set fee, as you pointed out rather than the application for work! Goes if you purchase from or sign up with some companies we link to, we will able... Honest, i am having a hard time got a certificate of full payment and the loan process went after. Table below is not by any means a thorough write-up of the companies that we choose of accomodation, of! Issue a credit card companies on this cautious about relying on info from non-official sites ( such as one! Bank of America does blacklist way, the language barrier will be compensated Gold! been through financial,! Advice from another credit card blacklist japan was able to pay them back and working Gamagori... Getting one and what is the most foreigner friendly credit card debt in Japan to.! This kind credit card blacklist japan check, but the basic principles are sound submitted a copy my... There aren ’ t seem to work with a lot of stores in Japan AMEX card which. My card to foreigners points they usually ask for, your chances of getting a credit and. By any means a thorough write-up of the companies we link to but we are selective in terms of companies.