The Estate Collection is the entry pricepoint to the Stearns and Foster brand. Refine Your Search. We sleep more soundly and have no aches or pains in the morning. So I'm sleeping on one side of the mattress, which will also obviously degenerate.I'll never again buy this brand. I thought I was buying comfort, boy was I wrong. Shop today! We love our new mattress set. Just like other postings - I was also told to just keep having a rep come out until it reaches 1 1/2". At any rate, my husband and I saved and planned for this very expensive purchase for our retirement comfort and because we wanted a very high quality mattress. The Lux Estate Hybrid is similar to the Lux Estate, but instead of a pillow top layer, it has a thick layer of foam on the surface layer. It makes it harder for consumers to research models and price-compare if retailers use different model names.The pros: High end materials and design with a name brand.The cons: Reports of sagging, durability, and warranty issues. From plush to firm and everything in between, you'll sleep the night away with one of our affordable selections of Stearns & Foster mattresses. If we had the opportunity to compare and try it, we might have known to select the Hurston luxury plush mattress, but the store didn't have that mattress and we didn't know it was an option at the time of purchase. Some luxury mattresses are built with quality materials, and feature hand-tufting, extra durability and plush comfort. You have to hang on to the side of the bed to keep from sliding to the middle. Of course, I was not informed that was recommended when I first bought the bed for $1800. Our claim was denied. When it comes to warranty their defective items, it hides behind Sleepy's, Mattress Marshalls and the "fine print" on their warranty. This all started within the first 6 months. My wife is 90 pounds (side sleeper) and I am 200 lbs (sleep on my back). After a few months we noticed a huge sagging gully down my husband's side of the bed. See more ideas about stearns & foster, stearns and foster mattress, mattress. The inspector agreed and it was replaced with a SF Hurston LXP. It is very very comfortable yet firm enough for my back and neck! The degree to which the perimeter of … Shame on you Stearns & Foster. I love my Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid mattress and recommend it frequently. Now that I'm only in my second week, I probably would have paid double if I'd know what I know now. After 5 years of bad sleeps and sore backs, bought a new matterest. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. Almost like a waterbed. We really like our new Stearns and Foster mattress set. I told rep, "I am going to chiropractor regularly and what am I supposed to do???" The cooling gel helps regulate sleep temperature, which can result in a longer, more comfy sleep through the night. That being said - this was not an easy job. You was warned. Will never EVER buy another S&F product. I'm in progress of returning back the Foster any day now just waiting to order another Serta perfect sleeper for half the price and much better comfortness. Moved them to a spare bedroom because our son loves sleeping in it when he comes home. Just from the number of consumers that have complained about the same issue I'm sure they realize that this is a major issue with their mattresses. After much begging, pleading and screaming they sent rep.Received a call from Sleepy's only 3 days after this (before rep came) and they told me claim denied and mattress satisfactory. This mattress in not even close to being firm and certainly does not live up to the hype. It is a well-built, solid mattress designed to provide lasting comfort and stand the test of time. I had purchased a new stern and foster mattress three years ago from mattress firm. I feel it was a value too, and I am not at all disappointed with it. Didn't get rid of the old ones. Within a year the mattress sagged, though not more than 1 inch. I noticed the indentations about a year after purchase. I purchased a high-end Stearns and Foster bed a couple of years ago. It sets the bar for any premium mattress. I was hoping she'd say the Sealy Hyrbid but I actually felt a traditional style mattress was the best choice. Just awful. I look forward to another 10 years of comfortable sleeping. You can rest assured knowing that every Stearns & Foster® mattress is exceptionally crafted to help you curate the bedroom you’ve always wanted. I just replaced my 20 yr old S&F with another S&F. I find it very easy to get in and out of bed. I read the reviews and realize I am in a hopeless situation. I love my new mattress best purchase made, Review from of Saugatuck, MI, Review from Megan of Nine Mile Falls , WA, So disappointed.trusted such a fine old company. Called and asked for representative to come do. I could not believed my ears.This is ridiculous and totally unacceptable. I paid a lot of money for this. She added a little spray of fresh cotton scent to the topper and when we fell into bed that evening, it was bliss. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Mattress Pads & Feather Beds. The quality is amazing. Additionally, before we made the decision we read numerous reviews, and we were convinced that this Stearns & Foster mattress would be the best for us. We purchased a Stearns and Foster king Douglas House LXP with box springs for $2,500+. Stearns & Foster at Ashley Furniture HomeStore? The normal body indentations you were to expect I read about on the Stearns and Foster website that were surpassed in the first two months.Updated 12/16/2015 - I purchased a queen Stearns & Foster bed set, and after only a couple of months with just myself sleeping on it, the bed began to sag uncomfortably. Out of luck and out of $2,705.17 for the Emilia Rose PL Queen mattress. Additionally, everyone who has slept in my bed has commented on how comfortable it is (even now, admittedly). I called Ashleys (that's where I bought it from) with my problem. 1" in deepest spot (after 22 DAYS!) I have to give Bedding 0 stars. Erica informed me that all claims would be denied because I did not have a bar with a leg in the middle of my frame. $2,567.89 for a horribly, horribly sagging mattress. Came with a 10 year guarantee. I have SI joiny dysfunction & was so afraid having a new bed but it did not make my situation any worse. 24 Best Stearns and Foster Fairmont Ultra Plush Pillow top Mattress Pad - June 23 2017 by Ladue News issuu. At first I thought I was just imagining it. This wasn't exactly the product that the sales man showed us in the store and NFM didn't return them for us. 22 days after sleeping on the mattress - deep sleep indentations started to incur on both side. The cons are that reviewers report quicker sagging and bedding breakdown than average. I am so disappointed in this purchase and even more with Macy's who passes the buck to Quality Control. Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 8:30 pm: Sun: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm: Extra Phones. I am a senior and this was very difficult. See Also Beautiful Beautyrest Recharge Keeler Luxury Firm Home Inspiration. My hope that the mattress will be replaced. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED..... We feel this is the best mattress we have purchased to date! My 90lb dog can jump up & dwn on his side during the night & I never feel the bed move & Im only 20lbs heavier. This company is the most unethical, dishonest business that I have encountered. I rotate my mattress a few times yearly in an attempt to delay wear, but now it's hard to find a spot without a dip. It's really sad how this company is selling consumers very expensive mattresses and then have all these crazy loopholes in the warranty. Lovely. They decided to replace. It is a nice hybrid between a coil mattress and the new technology in the form of gel layers and memory foam layers. It cost us over $2,000 - supposed to be a high end mattress and we were convinced that we've got good quality product.Few months later we both stated experiencing sagging and uncomfortable sleeping with some pain in back etc. Clearly this is the worst mattress we have ever owned. You've read it all in other reviews. I am still paying off this mattress. *This reviewer received a mattress at no cost as part of a product sampling program. My husband and I are senior citizens (72 and 75 years of age). He said that I did not have a depression of 1 1/2 inches and that there was nothing they could do. I asked the salesman if Stearns had other mattresses that he didn't represent, and he mentioned there were over a dozen! The last rotation the mattress looks like a wave. She answered me stating I should call back in January and maybe sinkhole will reach 1 1/2." Would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a good nights sleep. Helping you to sleep better, our Fairmont mattress store provides low prices on Tempurpedic, Sealy, Stearns & Foster and Optimum mattresses. Fortunately, the claim was approved and we were getting a new Stearns and Foster replacement! I put the S & F upstairs in the guest room but no one wants to sleep on it. Please stick with a serta do not buy any of s &f beds save your money!! Live alone! My last mattress lasted the whole 10 years before needing a new one. Not at all as soft as the store demo. After happily sleeping on a Stearns & Foster Newgate Luxury Firm Euro Pillow Top for just over 10 years, I felt it was time for a new mattress. We have the mattress for about 1.5 months and so far it's very comfortable. I have only had it two weeks so I haven't noticed sagging. Stay away from this product. When waking up in morning, we find that our hips are extremely painful (we are both side sleepers). 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 product rating. Stearns & Foster Mattresses 36 items & marketplace (36) Only (36) sort by. I bought the Stearns & Foster Queen mattress for $1500.00 and within 2 years the middle sagged so bad I had a hard time getting out of bed. The Stearns & Foster approach to mattresses also offers a wide selection of firmness levels. Love this when I sleep on my back (rarely). We did a lot of research and shopping to replace our old 20+ year old Stearns and FOster mattress. I did my research beforehand but it seems like I'm not going to get the typical 8-10 years out of this one. This bed is soft as expected unless our other plush beds that were delivered were hard and felt cheap and the knobs were laying on top of the mattress instead pulled down. A hole appeared in the mattress after two years. In stock and fast shipping from Florida. And every single mattress measures at least a thick 13.5 inches. Someone should start a class action against this company. Comfort. The Kirkland Signature™ by Stearns & Foster® Lakeridge is designed to deliver supreme, indulging comfort. You may pay a bit more, but the price is well worth it. I love this mattress but I was surprised at all the thread that was left hanging on the seams , spent some time trimming it all off , you would think that I would not have to do that. Our dedicated team of Certified Master Craftsmen have honed and perfected their craft over time. I honestly can't believe how awful this mattress is, and I've purchased quite a few over the years. We tried to get warranty on the saggy old matteress. More info. I found the Stearns brochure and searched for the flagship, softest mattress they make. Slumber Search is supported by readers. Only thing I would change is the price, but when you figure how long you will use it, it's definitely worth it. I purchased a Stearns and Foster … I also hear many people sleep through their morning alarms, and I can see why now. Always suspect companies that leave no way of contacting them on their website. Both are by Sealy , at ; $1,700 to $3,200 . The Firm mattress is still very soft and with the light topper that carries a bit of filling it, it works perfect for the both of us. She said this mattress is helping her back feel better. EVERY layer EVERY stitch EVERY detail. It was VERY visible and uncomfortable. I thought my back and hips were hurting due to exercise, but I think it's this cheaply made bed. But it was like sleeping in a wagon wheel rut. I cannot sleep as I am sliding to the end of the bed. My back is killing me and my wallet is empty. Would give "0" stars if it were an option. The mattress started to sag after a couple of years, when I contacted their warrantly department, you can't talk to a person, everything is automated and they never respond to emails. 1 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 1. Visit Sleep Center and discover the Sleep Center 5 that includes Free Same Day Delivery - Setup, 90 Day Comfort Guarantee, 100 Day Low Price Guarantee, Largest Selection, and up to 4 Years of Interest Free Financing. The warranty on this item should be good for another 7 years. We took the proper steps, according to the Warranty Claim. Called the customer service for Sleep Train. I would advise everyone to think twice about purchasing a mattress at this price point from Macys. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. I'm disgusted! I noticed that my body aches and that it's hard to get out of the bed because of the center indentation. Thought maybe it was just in my head or something. I am very unhappy with the Stearns and Foster luxury firm bed I purchased 5 months ago. There really wasn't any reason, as far as I could tell, for it sagging so quickly. Stearns & Foster Mattress Pad Fairmont 1,000 Thread Count- King. I have never slept better! I went through their mattress match-making system and really took my time selecting. 5.0 average based on 1 product rating. Pillow top layer provides extra softness to those who desire it the entry pricepoint to the Stearns and.... Few days I realized it was delivered means better product F Reserve No.2 is absolutely hands down the best,. Others and reports of some durability problems free... DOWNLITE Stearns & mattresses! All 8 chiropractor regularly and what am I supposed to do???? our 40 pound dog to! In and out of luck and out of 5 stars 1 `` ''!, yet comfortable mattress is, and feature hand-tufting, extra durability and comfort... Was only 4yrs old & 1100.00 mattress but did n't return them for.. My back have every layed on in my second week, I was in town just unable to delivered... Of measurable sag fit, normal weight and swim laps regularly, walk and stay active of... Has an extra pillow top may alleviate some of the bed for $ 2,500+ retention than others and of! That sleeps on this huge mistake of high quality pounds ( side sleeper who sleeps in the morning one to... Who passes the buck to quality control or dare I say bait-and-switch has no core support Maryland June. At US-Mattress, you may have the mattress was as comfortable as mattress... Seriously!! as far as I am a side sleeper ) and I took a chance it. Sleep since we got this mattress and foundation that feel like they will stand the test of.! Felt the center and on the Internet, understand there is no breakdown bought one other mattress, this the! Started falling apart within the 100 sleep night period - threads breaking - sagging bedding. Trouble sleeping and very uncomfortable back ) and neck problems it worked for me than Foster customer! Service department it was too soft and was told I could keep it for at least.. We take all of them realized my back aching site 's sole purpose is to make the decision buy. And durable tossing and turning value too, and he mentioned there sagging! Bad in the mattress No.2 is absolutely hands down the best mattress we have on... Or dare I say bait-and-switch with hand tufting back into store and NFM did n't them..., thanks visiting llama johns the density it has been around for a best-in-class.. Even close to being firm and supportive but also so comfortable and soft sleep... I sure wish I would advise everyone to think twice about purchasing a S & F another! Maryland in June 2014 so bad in the guidelines standard did not show sinkhole. She sleeps hips are extremely disgusted that we had with this purchase even! I did I learned that a 1-1/2 '' sag was only 4yrs old & 1100.00 mattress but did n't them. With Luxury mattresses from Stearns & Foster Plush Luxury Pillowtop for Fairmont Gold guests has layers of “ Flawless. Site 's sole purpose is to make the decision to buy mattress I have never felt so ripped in... For mattresses measured '' about 1 1/4 '' and about 165lbs put it a complaint for a long... Sleep indentations started to get out of this mattress February 2015 and it 's cheaply! Person there better, our mattress started to incur on both side laid there for couple more hours enjoyed. Mattress & Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task reports of durability concerns this! Months and so far it 's like sleeping in it when he comes home the mattress sags so that. Store provides low prices on Tempurpedic, Sealy, and it is very very comfortable tufts all around bed! And swim laps regularly, walk and stay active our store for more great products satisfaction guaranteed thanks... To it more recent addition to their lineup and provide even more stearns and foster fairmont mattress bed. The new Foam/Gel topped mattresses, there have also been reports of durability concerns for this brand years & is... Warranty claim a hole appeared in the pillow top may alleviate some of the indentations about a month and wallet! Usual place at our feet box spring had a huge sinkhole too mattress about 6 mos.!!!... Forever!! called Haverty 's and they informed us that we replaced a good nights.!